Create a standout marketing piece to catch the eyes of shopping customers in large superstores, department stores or boutique-style shops. The Marco Corporation provides assembly, subassembly and material insertion into a wide range of POP displays.
Product Acquisition
The Marco Corporation can plan and acquire product for your POP display units. We take into careful consideration the type of store where your units will be displayed, your target market consumers and the popularity of certain products to help you design the most appealing presentations.
Retail Ready
The scope of The Marco Corporation’s facilities enables us to provide a wide range of packaging options. Most importantly, our packaging capabilities ensure that from start to finish, we fulfill your POP demands. Not only do we plan, create and assemble your POP displays, but we also shrink wrap and package them – ready for shipment and ready for retail. At any time throughout the duration of your program, we can accommodate new changes to rework certain displays for improved results.
Auditing and Tracking
We have full auditing and tracking capabilities to ensure accurate shipments and consistent displays. Our auditing services monitor all POP displays, and our lot code tracking systems account for all products that are used to create the displays. At The Marco Corporation, we take these processes very seriously to ensure that you know exactly where your displays are positioned and what products are in use. As a result, you’ll be able to monitor the success of your POP display program to see which are most profitable and where. This information is critical for future program planning and implementation.