Custom Merchandise & Off Shore Sourcing & Procurement
Sometimes a promotional program demands an approach out of the ordinary. Instead of choosing from a fixed list of promotional merchandise, you may find that you require complete product customization. The Marco Corporation is well connected locally and internationally to design, create and tailor items to meet the needs of your program.
Custom Design
When it comes to the development of non-conventional merchandise, we have talented marketers and designers who specialize in the creation of new and unique products to promote your brand. If your product requires procurement in other areas of the world, The Marco Corporation facilitates the purchasing and shipping of materials to North America. In many cases, our international presence offers lucrative cost saving opportunities during the development process.
Importing and Exporting
The Marco Corporation employs overseas specialists who handle the import and export of promotional products and raw materials. Strategically positioned in popular sourcing hubs around the world, our specialists ensure the effective procurement of required items and timely delivery to appropriate destinations. In North America, we are well equipped with in-house customs and logistics teams to handle new import orders smoothly.
Safety Testing and Compliance
Safety and regulatory compliance are of top priority. Since product safety regulations differ from one country to another, it is important that we address these variances without exception. Before use in North America, internationally sourced materials and products undergo a number of strict testing procedures. Only once we confirm that they meet North American standards, do we approve them for use in your promotional program.
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