Customs & Logistics
Without the right systems in place, handling imports and cross-border customs processes can be difficult and overwhelming. The Marco Corporation has international shipping expertise and an in-house customs department to maintain full control over all necessary regulatory procedures associated with product imports and exports.
Internal Customs Team
The Marco Corporation has a full team dedicated solely to the successful shipment and receipt of products across the border. Our customs team handles brokerages, duties, legal policies and other general logistics. While you manage the many other requirements of your program, we handle the intricate logistics of the customs process behind the scenes. One less responsibility on your task list means you have more time to spend in other areas.
Cross Border Movement
The Marco Corporation is capable of making seamless cross-border deliveries thanks to its United States head office location in Buffalo, New York. For more complex programs, we offer a complete management approach to international shipments. With a fleet of trucks, we are able to maintain flexible schedules to meet the shipment and delivery needs of a wide variety of projects.
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