The Marco Corporation develops complete e-commerce websites to facilitate online purchase capabilities for programs. Our highly experienced team of developers work collaboratively with you to understand your requirements, identify key functionalities and develop your website to full scope – on budget and according to deadline.

The Capabilities
An e-commerce website opens the doors to a wide range of advanced functionalities you can make available to your visitors. Consider the value added to your program when you include one or more of the following website functions:
  • Shopping cart technology
  • Category hierarchy
  • Sophisticated search engine capabilities
  • Credit card or points-based redemption
  • Budget code or expense account payments
  • Online gift certificates and coupons
  • Online customer statements
  • Full order processing and inventory management
  • Customized e-mail confirmations

  • By incorporating more functionality into your website, you benefit from highly automated processes that make the management of your program effortless.

    Easy, Fast and Secure
    1 – We make it simple. Don’t leave your visitors guessing where they need to go. With straightforward designs and layouts, users are quickly guided through your site without hassle or complication.
    2 – We make it fast. There’s nothing worse than a slow website. In the online world, you gain visitors in seconds but you can just as quickly lose them. The Marco Corporation uses fast servers to achieve ultimate web speed.
    3 – We make it secure. Consumer protection is fragile and must be taken seriously, particularly on the Internet. The e-commerce websites we build are equipped with SSL certificates on dedicated servers to ensure maximum security.
    Have and Idea?
    Our team of in-house developers is ready to take on new challenges. Even if your program demands the creation of a never-before-developed function, we learn the need and find a solution. With a strong knowledge foundation and highly advanced skills, we’re able to design from scratch and integrate any feature into your website.

    Contact us today to discuss the e-commerce needs of your upcoming program.