Inventory Management
Keep track of inventory to maximize the return on your investment. The Marco Corporation helps you determine what products are moving and how fast they are turned over so you can control your costs and set feasible targets.
Onsite Inventory Analysts
The Marco Corporation has an onsite team of inventory analysts who track and manage your items. We perform daily cycle counts and assessment management. Paying particular attention to quality control, our experts ensure that all products are properly stored and well cared for in each of our facilities.
Online Inventory Visibility
Gain full access to important inventory information from a dedicated website on the Internet. We give you a secure username and password to log in and view the status of your inventory, giving you the ability to assess specific products, understand inventory movement and make important decisions to maximize the success of your program.
Cost-Saving Techniques
Our inventory management service offers more than tracking and monitoring – we analyze your inventory to provide profit-maximizing recommendations. Whether it is the types of products you’ve chosen, how they’re moving through your program, or the logistics of your promotional program itself, where we see that improvements can be made we offer the appropriate guidance. By providing you with the inventory management expertise you need, we bring you one step closer to the delivery of a successful project.
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