Loyalty, Rewards & Recognition Programs
Build brand awareness, enhance consumer loyalty or reward your customers – any goal is achievable with the right promotional program. The Marco Corporation helps you pinpoint your objectives as we develop the perfect plan to engage your customers.

Concept Development
The concept fuels the program. Oftentimes this is one of the most time consuming tasks in the design and execution of your promotional program because it dictates what, where and how the necessary requirements will be fulfilled. The perfect concept is the foundation of a program that resonates with your customers and achieves your goals. With a perfect balance between creativity and feasibility, The Marco Corporation develops concepts that are practical, clever and wildly effective.

Product Procurement
In any loyalty, rewards or recognition program, it is important that you select the right products to represent your brand. With thousands to choose from, it makes sense to work with an experienced company that can offer guidance to help you narrow your search. The Marco Corporation takes the time to learn about your business, understand your brand and gain insight into your corporate identity in order to match you with the perfect promotional products to execute your program. Once you select your product, we handle the sourcing and procurement.

Complete Program Management
A countless number of details, small and large, go into the successful execution of a promotional program. From planning and setup right through to final analysis and results reporting, The Marco Corporation offers a full suite of services to meet the needs of your program:
  • Loyalty guidance
  • A wide variety of reward and gift selections
  • Template or customized website design solutions
  • Database and points management systems
  • Custom solutions and distribution of electronic communications
  • Filtered access for order completion and status
  • Distribution of product rewards (including gift cards)
  • Online and hard copy distribution of personalized certificates and catalogues
  • Filtered access by award levels
  • Complete online reporting

  • Backend Reporting
    Where is the value in administering a promotional program if you cannot measure its results? To ensure a proper evaluation of the effectiveness of your efforts, the more information you can acquire, the better. The Marco Corporation provides thorough reports that can be custom tailored to measure, quantify and analyze any data field within your program. This gives you the ability to make appropriate changes and improve the results of your next program.