Online Reporting
Gain access to critical program elements that have been accurately measured and recorded. The Marco Corporation builds custom web reports that evaluate important information so can effectively measure the results. With detailed reporting just a click away, you have the ability to thoroughly evaluate the success of your program.
Anytime, Anywhere
A single login enables you to view detailed reports from any computer. We build web-accessible reporting systems for ease of use and convenient access. Reports are updated on a real-time basis giving you the ability to view results both during your program and after its completion. Download and print your reports to share essential information with employees and team members.
If You Can Think of It … It Can Be Done
Whatever you need to measure, our development team can create the sophisticated IT scripts to do it. With years of experience working on a wide range of promotional programs, we are no strangers to the unfamiliar. With a solid IT background and the ability to think outside the box, our team can develop to any specification.
Types of Reports
Although we’ve built a countless number of reports over the years, here are a few of the most common functionalities. Each can be tailored to correctly apply to the specifics of your program:
  • Reports to depict status performance and trend analysis
  • Repertoire of all standard inventory management, shipment, and control reports
  • Web analytics
  • Cyclical logged transactions and standard status reports
  • Administrative reports available via secure login and password
  • Adhoc reports
  • There is no set configuration or prefixed function. We develop reports to deliver accurate information about exactly what you want to learn from the data collected.
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