Premiums & Sampling
Generate consumer loyalty by giving your existing clients a premium offer or promote new products through a targeted sampling campaign. The Marco Corporation helps you plan, create and execute your premium offer or sampling program to minimize error and maximize profitability.
Process Efficiency
We employ a highly efficient process that uses advanced and automated technologies to assemble your packages. Fulfillment is easy and straightforward with our database import, segregation and file preparation services. And as a result of our professional relationships with top shipping companies across North America, we are able to offer cost saving solutions for the distribution of your products.
Expert Inventory Management
The Marco Corporation manages mail-in and online offer programs. In order to ensure the most successful execution of your project, it is important that you do not overstock your inventory. Our long history of experience in effective inventory management enables us to make professional recommendations to ensure that you never spend more than you need to on your product samples or premiums. In the long run, our refined inventory management services contribute to a more profitable outcome and an increased return on your investment.
Verification and Compliance
The Marco Corporation has strict verification processes in place to validate all mail-in and online submissions. Before a product is sent out, we make sure the request is valid and fits within the parameters of the program. This procedure ensures appropriate spending, correct reporting and accurate results.