Rebate Programs
A promotional rebate is an excellent way to offer a purchase incentive to potential customers and clients. Once a customer buys a particular product, your company can issue a reduction, return or refund on what was purchased. Although there are a number of ways to manage and issue promotional rebates, the most common are mail-in and online rebate programs.
B2B and B2C
The Marco Corporation facilitates business-to-business and business-to-consumer rebates. We can help you design your program to identify the right rebate amounts, how they will be issued, the management process and the best steps toward a seamless execution. Customized cheque stubs can be designed to deliver your marketing message and improve the effectiveness of your program. After completion, we provide a full range of detailed reports and statistics that help you determine the return on your investment.
Auditing and Validation
We ensure the accuracy of your rebate program. Our services are calculated and meticulous, from inception right through to reconciliation. Each submission is validated and we have strict audit controls in place to provide you with complete transparency throughout the duration of your program.
The Marco Corporation develops customized customer and client websites to accurately track rebates and monitor submissions. For customers or clients who may have immediate questions about the program, we offer full call center support. With The Marco Corporation’s proprietary systems in place, you have access to the information you need right at your fingertips.