Receiving & Inspection
Most programs require some form of product shipment acceptance and inspection. The Marco Corporation has regulated systems in place to receive deliveries and confirm that the delivery matches the order.
Avoid Production Delays
By using effective receiving and inspection protocols, we ensure that your program is on time and on track. We monitor programmed deliveries and promptly input new inventory into the appropriate systems to stay on schedule.
Quality Controls to Ensure Accuracy
The Marco Corporation uses piece-count and weight-count methodologies and employs stringent quality controls throughout its facilities. With sophisticated systems in place, The Marco Corporation gives you full insight into your inventories upon request. Bar code and lot code tracking practices enable us to accurately monitor your product so that all items are accounted for at all times.
Convenient Inputting
We have the ability to receive products directly into your internal purchasing system. We can integrate your system with ours so you have access to real-time updates around the clock. At any time, we can perform cycle counts and statistical samples using predetermined data you provide. Whenever you need an update, we are ready to provide it in full detail and with complete accuracy.
Contact us today to discuss the receiving and inspection logistics of your upcoming program.