Secure Storage
Store your items safely and securely in The Marco Corporation?s monitored warehouse facilities. When you choose the right fulfillment partner, you benefit from knowing that your merchandise is well managed and stored in a building with maximized security measures in place.
24/7 Security System
Marco Corporation warehousing and storage facilities are equipped with an advanced Alliance Security System that is monitored around the clock. To ensure full protection throughout each of our locations, plant and office areas also have state-of-the-art video surveillance. Enjoy peace of mind while the Marco Corporation guarantees the safety of your stored items.
Concrete Vault
Even though our warehouses are secured facilities, The Marco Corporation offers heightened security storage for cash-value items. A 15' by 20' vault, this solid concrete structure is positioned inside our warehouse. Monitored by Alliance Security, it has its own keypad entry and distinct alarm system in addition to that for the main warehouse.
Caged Lock-Up Areas
For more luxurious or highly exclusive products, The Marco Corporation has designated caged lock-up areas for added security. Each caged lock up area is large enough to accommodate both big and small products.
Monitoring Traffic
On a daily basis, employee traffic is monitored using full HandPunch systems to ensure that only authorized personnel enter the secure storage facility. If ever there is a need for outside personnel to enter, they are thoroughly screened and authorized before access is granted. By keeping a safe and secure facility, we hold ourselves accountable to provide a merchandise storage service that is reliable.
To learn more about our secure storage facilities, contact us today.