Transportation is an important part of your logistics plan. At The Marco Corporation, we offer in-house delivery services, priority courier capabilities and highly competitive shipping rates.
Priority Courier Service
Marco has priority pick up and carriers drop off full-sized trucks to be filled with products scheduled for shipment. At the end of the day, the trucks are picked up and the appropriate deliveries are arranged. Our preferred relationships with major courier companies ensure that we receive first-truck drop offs and last-truck pickups on any given day.
Exceptional Corporate Shipping Contracts
The Marco Corporation uses a proprietary shipping system that automatically calculates the best-fit carrier for a particular delivery service. As you plan your promotional program, there is no need to manually research or crunch numbers to determine the best provider. Considering both time and cost, our courier system identifies your ideal option to receive the most competitive price. Given the fact that we have prearranged contracts with all major shipping companies, regardless of which carrier you ultimately choose for your program, you are guaranteed our preferred rates.
Contact us today to discuss the transportation needs of your upcoming program.