Event Planning
The perfect destination event is well planned, matched to your objectives, and designed with your guests in mind. No two events are alike as The Marco Travel Group delivers captivating experiences with creative vision and innovative concepts.
Aligning the Details
In event planning, even the tiniest details can have a significant impact. Our knowledge and experience helps us be creative, plan for the unexpected, and offer helpful recommendations on elements that may have been otherwise overlooked. Once we have a solid understanding of your needs, The Marco Travel Group works behind the scenes to design, plan and execute your special event.
Themed Events and Special Concepts
You want your event to be different – an evening out of the ordinary. Our team of creative experts has years of experience developing events with unique themes and groundbreaking concepts. During the design process, we take into consideration a number of factors including the purpose of your event, the guests, your company, the destination, the time of year, hot trends and latest fashions. With the help of our suppliers and partners around North America, we bring even the most complex events to fruition.
No Matter the Event, We Deliver
The Marco Travel Group has years of experience developing a wide range of events including charity runs, awards nights, business conferences, product launches and gala evenings. The sky is the limit – whatever you can imagine, we can accomplish. Successful results are a product of our meticulous planning, calculated organization, effective delegation and complete onsite management. Whatever your plans, The Marco Travel Group creates an event to remember.
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