Travel Prizing & Rewards
Entice your customers with the travel prize of a lifetime, or choose a spectacular destination to host a prestigious awards ceremony for your employees. Whether you need full program facilitation or strictly the procurement of award merchandise for your big evening, The Marco Travel Group offers exceptional-level service to create truly memorable experiences.
Travel Prizing
The Marco Travel Group builds customized travel packages to suit your brand and attract participants. Developed to generate maximum impact, your travel prize solution may be a deluxe trip to a Caribbean resort, a high-energy adventure or exclusive tickets to an international festival. When you hire The Marco Travel Group, you benefit from a cohesive team that handles even the tiniest of logistics details – from trip planning and customization to program fulfillment and winner management.
Awards and Prizes
Planning an awards night for your employees? Or maybe you need a procurement specialist to source special merchandise for your upcoming contest or consumer appreciation event. Whatever your vision, we embrace the challenge. Our unique events are designed to please the crowd, offering a diverse collection of prizes to meet any budget. The Marco Travel Group has long standing relationships with top suppliers and the purchasing power to source and supply the best rewards to create more imaginative rather than “off the shelf” solutions.
Make it Happen
We are not your typical travel company. With a team comprised of event specialists and marketing masterminds, The Marco Travel Group offers an original approach to what’s already been done. We help you create incredible travel and awards experiences by establishing an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. The end result is higher sales, enhanced consumer loyalty and a greater return on your marketing investments.
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