The Marco Corporation believes strongly that as a successful business in its field, it has a social responsibility to uphold to its community and the environment. We maintain a number of safe labour practices, equal employment procedures and environmental policies.
Labour Practices
The Marco Corporation has a strict Code of Conduct in place. Among the many policies it enforces, it emphasizes child labour laws. This particular section of the code identifies mandatory child labour law compliance by all suppliers and subcontractors. To ensure that suppliers and subcontractors are reputable and adhere to such rules, Marco collaborates with suppliers who belong to professional industry associations such as the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC), Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). Only large quantities of premium items are typically sourced offshore, and our exclusive agent in Hong Kong thoroughly investigates the originating supplier to ensure full compliance with our Code of Conduct.
Employment Equity
The Marco Corporation follows an internal employment equity policy. In all our years in business, we have not received a single complaint regarding the fair and equal treatment of our employees.
Environmental Policy
Our senior management and staff members are dedicated to preserving the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our employees.
  • After the Marco Corporation relocated to a new place of business in 2005, it made considerable efforts to reduce its negative impact on the environment
  • We use and promote recyclable, reusable and sustainable products wherever possible
  • Marco defines sustainable development as the integration of economic, environmental and social considerations into day-to-day activities and future strategic planning
  • We are committed to excellence. This means that we hold each of our employees accountable for legitimate corporate spending, successful project execution, customer satisfaction, their personal health and safety and that of their fellow colleagues, and environmental protection. We support our staff members in these initiatives through targeted development programs and the continued promotion of sustainability in the workplace and our community.