Warehousing and Distribution
You have a plan, you’ve outlined the details and you are ready to put your program into action. The Marco Corporation takes it from concept to delivery.
Renowned Facilities
We have over 250,000 square feet of warehouse and distribution space in North America. For a tradeshow, contest or special awards night, we have the processes in place to ensure the secure storage and accurate delivery of your products. Avoid the hassle of storing and handling promotional goods on your own and hire a company that has the capacity to meet your requirements.
Team of Experts
Our logistics team is detail-oriented, meticulous and governed by a very precise standard of procedures. From warehousing and inventory management right through to customs and transportation, The Marco Corporation Logistics Team is well trained and proficient. We facilitate the seamless execution of your event and help you steer clear of unnecessary stresses.
Strict Control Measures
Our state-of-the-art ERP and shipping systems enable perfect accuracy, space optimization, cost savings and quality. We have stringent control practices in place to ensure the proper management of all warehousing, inventory and distribution processes. Through rigorous audit controls and quality measures, The Marco Corporation is able to offer a highly valued logistics service with full tracking capabilities.
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